About The Team

Roman Catholic High School fields a Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman/Novice boys rowing team (crew team). Since its inception in 1887, Roman has competed in local rowing events on the Schuylkill River, including the Manny Flick / Horvat Series Regatta, Stotesbury Cup Regatta, Philadelphia City Championship, and Philadelphia Catholic League. Qualifying boats may travel to regional and national championship regattas. Occasionally, Roman Catholic Crew has competed internationally, at Junior World Championship regattas.

Joining The Team

All Roman students are invited to join our team! If you are interesting, please email our Head Coach at Crew@RomanCatholicHS.com, visit us at any Roman events fair or ask a member of the team. Periodically, announcements in the school news will invite new students to attend informational meetings after class.

New athletes will be escorted to practice by fellow team members and shown the safest, fastest route to the Schuylkill River. Coaches will meet the team every practice outside Penn AC

The Boat House

Located on Historic Boat House Row, Penn AC has hosted Roman Catholic High School Crew since 2020. Roman has access to locker room and bathroom facilities, erg room, and the boat bays. The boats are racked in the designated rack locations. Coaches motor boats are docked at Penn AC dock and used at every on the water practice.


Practices are mostly held at Penn AC after school and on Saturday mornings. Athletes should be prepared for all weather conditions and all workout possibilities. Practices include:

  • running along Kelly Drive, Lemon Hill and The Philadelphia Art Museum
  • erging inside Romans erg room at the Annex
  • on the water rowing practices
  • indoor / outdoor weight-lifting and calisthenics

Regattas are held in all weather conditions, as such, we train in all weather conditions. Athletes should be prepared with proper attire for the season and daily weather conditions, and also include spare clothes for after wet conditions. Gear should include:

  • running sneakers
  • plastic or rubber refillable water bottler (No single-use water bottles and no metal or glass. Water bottles can cause damage to the boats)
  • gym shorts or sweats for non rowing practices
  • tight fitting shorts/long pants for rowing and erging
    • Uni-suit or rowing trou can be purchased once committed to team
  • tight fitting t-shirt/long sleeve shirt for rowing and erging
    • Rowing specific warm/cold weather gear can be purchased once committed to team
  • knit hat, gloves, and coats during cold months
  • extra socks for rowing (boat shoes are permanently installed in each boat)
  • bag for gear

Skin safety should be considered when preparing your gear bag. We recommend the following:

  • UV rated sun screen
  • baseball hat
  • sunglasses
  • light weight, tight fitting, long sleeve shirts

Coaches will communicate with athletes, using Romans provided Google Classrooms, what to expect for the week, so athletes can plan their needed gear. However, weather and other external factors can change rapidly and practices will need to be adjusted accordingly. Not all practices will include on the water practices and not all athletes are guaranteed rowing time every practice. All athletes are expected to complete their assigned workout, which may include a variety of workout types.


Roman Catholic enters all major regattas held on the Schuylkill River that are open to Junior rowing. Racing typically consists of 1500 or 2000 meter races of 6 boats, depending on entries. Larger events can be broken up into heats and flights. Roman competes in sculling events, which is a style of rowing consisting of 2 oars per rower, vs the 1 oar per rower +coxswain found in sweep rowing. You can learn more about rowing, its history and fundamentals by visiting:

  • Manny Flick / Horvat Series Regatta
    • Held on Sundays, this is a 5 regatta series managed by the P.S.R.A. Points will be accumulated and a points trophy will be awarded. Occasionally, 1 regatta in this series will be held on the Cooper River in Camden County, NJ.
  • City Championship
    • Also managed by the P.S.R.A, this multi-day event marks the beginning of the championship spring racing season. Medals will be awarded.
  • Stotesbury Cup Regatta
    • Presented by the Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia, The Stotesbury Cup us the largest high school rowing event in the world. This multi-day event challenges crew to perform their best over multiple races as they work their way to the finals.