Roman Catholic Crew Parent and Alumni Association and Coaching staff manage the fleet and equipment for the program. Our shells, boats, and motors are regularly evaluated for safety and performance and receive expert repair by local shell and boat repair vendors or the manufacturer.

Sculling Quads:

  • Larry Kelly: 2015 Filippi Mid-weight
  • Captain Jack: 2013 Filippi Mid-weight
  • John Pensabenne II: 2016 WinTech Mid-weight
  • Msgr. Beach: 2006 Filippi Mid-weight

Sculling Doubles:

  • James G. McSherry: 2004 Filippi Mid-weight
  • Robert O’Neill: 2018 Hudson Mid-weight

Sculling Singles:

  • Lee Ochal: 1999 Empacher Mid-weight
  • John Cerrone: 2006 Maas Mid-weight
  • Unnamed: 2006 Maas Mid-weight
  • Tom Gilroy: 2017 WinTech Light-weight

Sweep Shells:

  • Fights On: 1989 Vespoli 4+ Mid-weight

Coaches Motor Boats:

  • Unnamed: 2014 Stillwater
  • Purple and Gold: 2000 Stillwater


The team has roughly 20 Concept II ergs (Models B, C, D, E) that are at Crescent Boat Club. There are also 4 “sliding” rowers that are used for occasional, specific training.


  • List Oars

Weights and Gym Equipment:

While Roman Crew does not own or supply other gym training equipment, the team frequently makes use of Roman Catholic High School’s weight room that is located in the Annex Building ( 324 N 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 )