The following graphs depict current water conditions on the Schuylkill River and are sampled directly across from Boat House Row on the West River Drive side of the river, behind the fish ladder. Rowing is prohibited when flow exceeds 18,000 cubic feet per second. Novices are cautioned not to row when flow exceeds 8,000 cubic feet per second.

Rowers and Coaches will respond to the river when NOAA predicts “Action Stage”  or greater flooding conditions. At 10 feet, tater will begin to lift the docks, the coaches launches and will start to fill the boat bays with water and debris. Boats and equipment will be moved out of the boat bays and the Coaches launches will be secured or removed from the river. After the flood waters subside, rowing may be suspended until the flow rate returns to a safe level and dangerous debris is no longer observed floating in the river. During this time, rowers are expected to report to the Boathouse to clean up flood damage, clean the boat bays of mud and debris and if in season, participate in land based workouts.

Flood Stage
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services
Discharge, cubic feet per second


The Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia requires all member clubs and programs to adhere to river safety regulations. Rowers and Coaches are required to periodically review these rules of the river and are expected to follow these policies at all times. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in suspension of river rowing or club/program restrictions. Please report all unsafe conditions to the Coaches immediately.

Schuylkill Navy Rules of the River

Schuylkill Navy Incident Report Submission

Boathouse Row 911 Address List


Rowers are required to complete health screens as part of the admissions process and report relevant medical conditions to the Roman Catholic High School Athletics Trainer and Coaches before they begin practice or competition.

Athletic Trainer, Ken Eaves:


Please consult the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Catholic League (PCL) site for code of conduct, hazing and abuse information, and policies and reporting processes. Coaches have been approved through the Roman Catholic High School Athletic Department and have completed required trainings, background checks and interviews. Please consult the Athletic Department or PCL office if you have any questions about this information. The Crew Parents Association defers to these associations in all cases covered within the posted policies.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Policy & Governance


When Roman Catholic High School competes in USRowing sanctioned events, event organizers and participants are expected to adhere to their safety guidelines, governance policies and rules of competition. The Crew Parents Association defers to these associations in all cases covered within the posted policies.

USRowing SafeSport Reporting

USRowing Safety Information

Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association

The Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association (P.S.R.A) manages the Manny Flick /Horvat Series Regattas and the Philadelphia City Championship Regatta. The P.S.R.A and its Board of Directors have established a Code of Conduct and Rules that all participating members adhere.

P.S.R.A Code of Conduct

P.S.R.A Rules

PA Fish & Boat Commission Safety

Roman Catholic High School maintains a motor boat fleet that is in compliance with PA Fish & Boat Commission’s safety regulations and maintains proper registrations, insurance and maintenance logs.

2018 Boating Recap

PA Boating Handbook