Weekly Update and Lightweight Verification Forms

From: crew@romancatholichs.com
Sent: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 9:45 AM
Subject: Weekly Update and Lightweight Verification Forms

Good Morning,

Just following up with several questions that were addressed to me about the lightweight forms.

• Firstly, if your son is a second year rower and under a 150 lbs, he should be certified to row lightweight. Please refer back to the email about lightweight certification process. If you need it resent, please reach out to me.
• The team will NOT be paying for the $10 certification fee.
• Please turn in the Lightweight release forms into Coach Coons. I will submit them as a team. I need them no later than March 14th.
• I would recommend that you reach out to USRowing to make sure that all the steps are completed and which are pending. This is a new process that I am not familiar with or have any control other then sending in the forms by the required date.

Now for some updates:
• We had several new freshman join the squad after the school supported and endorsed interest meeting. It’s still not too late for anyone else to join if you know of any interest!
• Practice is running normal time and schedule this week.
• First Flick is the 15th. The “off day” will fall between Monday and Wednesday. I’ll pick the day with the worst weather forecast and send it out in the update.


Zackary Coons
Head Rowing Coach
Roman Catholic High School