Weekly Update

From: crew@romancatholichs.com
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2020 10:55 AM
Subject: Weekly Update

Good morning,

Just a few reminders and updates for the upcoming week.

• Practice for all athletes starts at the annex this Saturday at 8 am. DO NOT enter the building until I arrive to disarm the alarm system.

• Monday (2.24) – No practice at the boathouse. I have parent-teacher conferences and it’s the PCL Championship for basketball. Go support the team! Athletes are required to get in an hour of steady state cardio on their own on Sunday or Monday. Athletes must submit a picture of the erg screen or of the tracking app for their run. If an athlete does not submit the workout, they will be on land Tuesday completing a 15k

• Thursday 2.27 – New parent/student Crew interest meeting at school. This is for Parents and students that have an interest in joining the team for the spring – not for anyone who’s son is already rowing for us. Please encourage friends to come out! Details are in the school newsletter.

• Juniors/Seniors – if you are looking to submit another verified 2k score from erg competition for college recruiting, feel free to sign up for Haddon Hammers on March 1 http://www.haddonhammers.com/

Zackary Coons
Head Rowing Coach
Roman Catholic High School